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Impactful | Conscious | Compassionate

Parents, we see you

Being a parent is never easy. The sleepless nights, the constant fear of not being enough, the millions of opinions from well meaning relatives & friends, it can all be overwhelming.

 But you know your values & your beliefs. You know what you want for your child & their future. And if you're anything like us, we probably want the same things.

To raise powerful, empathetic & compassionate world changers.

Designed With Care

Advocating for a better world is our jam.

Every product speaks from one of three core values:

Kind to Self | Kind to Animals |Kind to Environment 

Our Core Values

Kind to Self

We only have one self.

If we can be kind to ourselves & model that for our children, the world will surely flourish.

Kind to Animals

We share this planet with others. They are no less than simply because we speak different languages. Being kind to animals is just another way of being kind to ourselves.

Kind to Environment

We only have one Earth. What kind of environment are we leaving our children? & their children? Let's leave this beautiful place better than we found it.