Our Core Values

Let's make a better world

Kind October Co is for the forward-thinking folks, those who believe in action, progress and spreading more kindness. We believe in leaving this place better than we found it & making the world a place where our kids can thrive. We don't care for the stereotypes or gender roles, we don't care for the negativity, judgment and pain.

We're about guiding the next generation of parents & children to be their best selves for their family, for the animals and for the planet.

We believe in spreading kindness, black lives matter, animals are friends not food, sustainability is the future, love is love, science is real, kids are people, the future is non-binary, trans lives matter, no human is illegal, accessibility is important, representation is important and we should all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, for ourselves & for the greater good.

Hey Parents, We See You

You're not alone